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There are many beautiful and special churches in the area surrounding the Kaag Lakes.



The churches in our lake area are more than worth a visit. Unfortunately, they are almost only open for visitors during and just before and after services. People are proud of the church buildings and are willing to do something for them. Despite the aging population, the decreasing numbers of parishioners and congregants are able to raise the necessary funds. This is evident from the state of maintenance, the serenely beautiful furnishings, the well-maintained organs and the beautifully sculpted pulpits. From church buildings from the Rich Roman Empire to the sober church buildings from the Protestant tradition. The churches in the region each radiate their faith tradition and history. Our double village has two churches, both of which are supported by a group of churchgoers/volunteers who maintain both church life and the 'church factory'.

The Protestant Church on Kaag island

This church dates in its current form from 1873 and was built on the foundations of a church from 1618. This church building, which was built for 7,490 guilders, paid for from "love gifts", was consecrated on March 15, 1874. The pulpit was replaced in 1903 . The pipe organ was restored and expanded in 1961. Since 2002, the exterior of the church, now a national monument, has been restored. In 2008, the interior, including the consistory and Kerkwijck, was renovated. An auditorium was added to serve as a mortuary if necessary. The General Cemetery behind the church was built on behalf of the Kaag Cemetery Foundation. Civil marriages can be solemnized in church. Sunday worship services are held at 10:00 am. The contact person for the church building and Kerkwijck is Mrs. J. van Stam-Biemond and can be reached on 0252-544318.

H. Joannes Evangelist in Buitenkaag

The Roman Catholic church, which is dedicated to St. John the Evangelist, is of a significantly later date than previous workers' houses. However, the church and parsonage are on the list of municipal monuments. However, it must be realized that Haarlemmermeer as a municipality has only existed since 1855. The church and the parsonage, which were built just before the Second World War, therefore form a defining element in the municipality and certainly in the southern part of Haarlemmermeer. The worship services are varied. on Saturday 7:00 PM and Sunday at 10:00 AM. In Nieuw-Vennep (2153BA) in the parish church O.L.V. Immaculate Conception, St. Antoniusstraat 15, you can worship on changeover days. See:​

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