Kaag Music Festival 2024

Would you like to put your company in the spotlight during our Kaags Music Festival? Then become a sponsor of one of our stages! We offer various sponsorship packages to meet your needs and budget.

Sponsor Packages:

  • Full Stage: €1,000
  • Half Stage: €500
  • Quarter Stage: €250
  • Main Stage (Beach): €5,000

Benefits for Stage Sponsors:

  • Visibility: Your company name is prominently displayed on a banner and on the digital screen at the stage you are sponsoring.
  • Website and Media: All sponsors are mentioned on the website of the Kaags Music Festival and in other media communications surrounding the event.

Prize sponsorship:

  • Costs: For just €250, you can sponsor one of the prizes.
  • Extra Visibility: Prize sponsors are listed on all screens at all stages, next to the stage sponsors.

Sponsorship offers an excellent opportunity to connect your brand with a beloved local event and to promote your demonstrate community involvement. Contact us today for more information and to reserve your sponsorship package!

Kaag Partners

Partner with us and reach your perfect audience

Become a proud partner of Stichting Promotie Kaag and connect your brand with a unique destination that attracts thousands of visitors every year. Kaag is known for its vibrant water sports community, rich cultural heritage and beautiful natural environment, making it an ideal location for effective branding and visibility.

Sponsorship Opportunities: We offer a variety of sponsorship packages that can be tailored to your specific marketing needs and objectives. Whether you are interested in sponsoring an event, placing banners on our website or promoting your services through our digital channels, we have the right solution for you.

Advertising options: Increase your visibility and reach by advertising on our prominent platforms. We offer a range of advertising options, from digital advertisements on our website, your expression on our advertising column at the ferry, to featured placements in our monthly newsletter and social media campaigns. Our advertising solutions are designed to ensure maximum impact and effectively communicate your message to an engaged audience.

Benefits of partnership: As a partner of Stichting Promotie Kaag, you enjoy the association with a renowned organization and benefit from our strong online and offline presence. Your support not only helps promote Kaag as a top destination, but also provides the following benefits:

  • Increased brand visibility and awareness.
  • Access to a broad and diverse audience.
  • Opportunities to expand networks and develop new business relationships.

Contact Us: Contact us today to learn more about our sponsorship and advertising opportunities and how we can achieve your business goals together. Send an email to sponsor@kaag.nl or use our contact form below to schedule a personal conversation about your wishes and our options.

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