Family Walking Path Kaag

The Family Walking Path Kaag is a 5 km long walk through Buitenkaag and the picturesque island of Kaag. it takes you past the twenty most beautiful places in the area. Just crossing the ferry from Buitenkaag to Kaag is an experience in itself. Along the route you will find water play equipment, a bird watching wall and a lookout tower.

A challenge for young and old

Via an app you will receive information about the origins of the Haarlemmermeer and other historical facts of the area. Because there are many rest points along the route, the duration of the walk will be approximately three hours. Do you like table tennis? Then bring ping pong balls and bats!

Download the app below. The app is available in Dutch, German, English, French, Italian and Polish.

The Family Walking Path is easily accessible for the whole family and runs over paved roads, so you can also discover the route with a stroller, mobility scooter, walker or wheelchair. In short: you can walk the walk with the whole family or group of friends.

If you come to Kaag by car, you can park in Leidsemeerstraat in Buitenkaag, opposite house number 61. The walk starts here.

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