Boot Trail Kaag

Via a number of paved winding sections, the participants of this tour soon end up in the beautiful meadows. That means old-fashioned soaking and being careful not to step into the cow custard. In the beginning you can visit the island of Patmos, which is the size of a large postage stamp, by raft.

The tinkering on two legs is amply rewarded. Beautifully blooming swan flowers decorate the ditch sides. Their purple color currently contrasts strongly with the bright green. Dozens of brown frogs jump into the water as they pass. With a little bit of luck, the hiker will discover the male of the small newt among the duckweed at this time. It waves in the water with its brightly colored tail to impress the ladies.

While walking, you notice that there are many broken barnacles on the grass. Birds fish them out of the water and then eat them. Not everyone is happy with the walkers. Terns and oystercatchers grumble loudly when a walker comes near them. The imposing white swans don't look too happy either.


After about three kilometers the mill comes into view. If you are lucky, you will meet a miller who is happy to show passers-by around this beautifully maintained mill. Sometimes it lashes the large wheel to allow the blades to catch more wind.

The heron is a frequent guest here, but the stork is also seen more often these days, much to the dismay of the frog population. Curlews, lapwings and redshanks are certainly native.

The exact distance of this wonderful tour is somewhat difficult to estimate. According to the miller, there are currently two variants for export. One leads the walker to the left at the T-intersection, so that he walks back along the row of trees on the dike. The other option is to take the return route via the mill at right angles through the meadow. This variant is approximately four kilometers.

All in all, it is a walk that obviously makes you hungry and thirsty. It is not entirely coincidental that there are many terraces in the vicinity to strengthen the inner person.

Source: Ron van der Lem, Witte Weekblad,

Practical info Boot Trail

Distance: around 5 kilometer
Parking: parking lot in Buitenkaag on the Leidsemeerstraat
Resting place: picnic area at De Stal on the Kaag, Julianalaan 13a, Kaag
Start: Ferry Buitenkaag - Kaag
PLEASE NOTE: NOT accessible during the breeding season from March 15 to July 15


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