The Kagerplassen

The Kagerplassen are located centrally in the so called Randstad, north of the city of Leiden and some 20 km south of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The village of Buitenkaag and the picturesque island Kaag are situated in the northerly region of the lakes area.

After you have left the ferry to Kaag, you enter a completely different world. The many well preserved houses and farms suggest that you are many years back in history. Those who enjoy sailing, canoeing, rowing, waterskiing, fishing and during in winter time  iceskating, will love Kagerplassen. There are over 150 open boats for hire; mainly sailing boats but also canoes and motor boats. Despite all the sports activities, Kaag offers peace and quiet, enhanced by beautiful vistas over water and meadows. It is pleasant to relax on one of the many terraces at the water’s edge. There are various restaurants, a sailing and water ski school, a playground for the little ones and various overnight accommodations.

Location, ferry and public traffic

Buitenkaag / Kaag-island is situated in between the A44 in the west and the A4 in the east. To go to the island you need to use the ferry. The ferry operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Public Transport: De Kaag can be reached from Schiphol with a transfer within one hour. First you travel by bus line 361 in the direction of Noordwijk. You change at the Hyacinthenstraat in Lisse, where you take Buurtbus 723 to Oude Wetering. Here you can get off at the bus stop of the Kaagpont within a few minutes.


In the municipality of Kaag and Braassem a Buurtbus runs, line 723. The Buurtbus is a smaller bus than the famous regional and city buses and is accessible to everyone. The local bus runs between Oude Wetering, Kaag and Lisse and the villages in between. The first bus leaves on weekdays at 07.30 and on Saturday at 9.30. The last bus leaves at 16.30. The Buurtbus does not drive on Sundays and public holidays. You can pay with OV chip card and with a bank card. You cannot pay cash. All rides are driven by volunteers. For more information, visit the website: